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Tori Mumma

Licensed Cosmetologist 

Dry Flowers
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Tori (she/her)

Tori’s expertise lies in grey blending, custom blonding, vibrant colors, modern lived-in haircuts, and, above all, enhancing waves, curls, and coils. 


Continuing education fuels Tori's inspiration and keeps her on her toes as a stylist. She recently mastered the Mizani Curly "aircut" under the guidance of the renowned Tippi Shorter. Last year, Tori honed her skills in "blonde mastery" during a course in New York City, focusing on safely lifting curly hair. She had the privilege of taking various classes all over America covering razor cutting, curly hair techniques, and a range of blonding services. 


Tori keeps things simple with package pricing, making it easier for clients to book their color services without any confusion. All color packages include a haircut and style, and Tori’s pricing is based on a "tip-free" scale. Cash payments are recommended, as a 3.5% service fee applies to any card transactions. 


Sunday appointments are dedicated to transformative color packages only, so if you're interested in booking a Sunday slot, feel free to reach out to her. 


Tori believes that hair is such a powerful tool for self-expression. So, go ahead and share your "dream hair" with Tori, and let her work some magic together!

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